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Code Complete Notes

This is a work in progress, I didn’t finished the reading yet, anyway the book is so good that I can’t help not publishing it.

Software construction typically makes up 65 percent of the effort on small projects and 50 percent on medium projects. Construction accounts for about 75 percent of the errors on small projects and 50 to 75 on medium and large ones.

Requirements and architecture are done before construction so that you can do construction effectively. Construction is at the center of the software-development process.

In many projects, the only documentation available to programmers is the code itself. Requirements specifications and design documents can go out of date, but the source code is always up to date. Consequently, it’s imperative that the source code be of the highest possible quality.

Construction is the only activity guaranteed to be done.

The main activities in the construction are detailed design, coding, debugging, integration, and developer testing (unit and integration testing)

In the final analysis, your understanding of how to do construction determines how good a programmer you are.

A good metaphor is simple, relates well to other relevant metaphors, and explains much of the evidence and other observed phenomena.