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Great podcast between Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz

It was so nice to hear Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz talking on Sam’s podcast today. It’s so crystal clear their intentions towards a better world on their conversation that one can only joy that there are this kind of human beings.

If you dear reader never looked at Sam’s podcast I highly recommend. Surely Sam Harris is the person alive I most admire, for many motives. First for his way of looking for a better world through science, reason, secularism and compassion. I also admire his look at meditation that made me join this journey as well. Beyond that, Sam is a great scientist, and awesome speaker and writer.

We should raise our voices on the big threads the world face today, like jihadism, dogmatism, obscurantism. Good material about of that you can find around Sam’s life, including his podcast. Finally this post is also a pay-off of me being his listener that don’t directly pay for the material I consume, in the hope Sam continues to enlighten his listeners.